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Grounding Sessions – Special Offer for the Month of September

September 12, 2017

This month, I’m offering some very special Grounding Sessions to help you reconnect with the parts of yourself you feel like you’ve lost.

Grounding is about re-establishing a sense of safety, a connection with the earth, with our body, with the things that nourish us, and the people who love us.

When we’re grounded, we take care of our bodies, and the earth itself.

Grounding means not making decisions based on what other people might think of you, or out of fear. Instead, when we’re grounded, we move in the direction of what is truly in our body and spirit’s best interest.

A lot of the time, grounding means healing from trauma.

Grounding means getting yourself to a safe space where you can trust yourself, trust the world, and remember that you have a right to be here.

Grounding means remembering that you are enough just as you are.

When we’re grounded, we don’t have to constantly toil to rebuild what has been destroyed. Instead, we can focus our energy on flourishing.

Using energy work, breath, tarot, astrology and essential oils, we’ll search for, and shamanically retrieve, some of your lost pieces.  We’ll remind those vulnerable fragments that it’s safe to come home.  It’s safe to trust yourself, to trust your body, and to get the things you need.


(Sessions last an hour and a quarter and are $100 — $25 dollars off regular price)


Grounding Sessions Flier. ©Oracle Of Los Angeles, 2017.

Grounding Sessions Flier. ©Oracle Of Los Angeles, 2017.

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