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New Moon In Scorpio

November 17, 2017

Scorpio is a fixed water sign.

The water element is all about passion, emotion, SOUL.

It’s the energy that moves in us. That clears away the debris. That rocks us to sleep. That blesses us.

And because the energy of Scorpio is fearless, because it is dauntless, because it gives the deepest of all f**ks about everything, it is the sign of the healer.

Scorpio energy takes us into the depths, it turns up the muck and sucks it away with the tide.

But what does it mean for a water sign to be “fixed”.

It means the energy of Scorpio does not just INITIATE healing, it establishes it. It makes it grow. It COMMITS.

Remember that the signs, the planets and the houses do not do this work for us. The Moon doesn’t enter Scorpio and take care of all our problems.

The New Moon is a mysterious black door that we can choose to dive through.

What is on the other side of your healing process? You might not know. It might be unrecognizable, and because of that, you might be afraid.

What will you be without your wounds? We come to identify with them so much. If we are healed, what then?

Find out.

The Scorpio New Moon is here to tell you: feel the fear and do it anyway. Whatever it is you want to commit to healing, do it now. Today.

Use the New Moon in Scorpio to name your wound, bless it with salt water, let it bleed, let it heal and scar. Let your healed wounds inscribe you with strength and wisdom.

Scorpio is the sign of intimacy, intensity. When you commit to its energy, you become more capable of both.

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