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Magical Praxis Mystery School

January 23, 2015


What is Magical Praxis?

Magical Praxis is a workshop-based mystery school wherein participants learn about various magical traditions and manifest their knowledge physically through the creation of an artwork. Usually held once a month on a Monday evening, students discuss, meditate, engage, define, interpret, analyze and create new ways of applying magic to their own lives and to the world around them.

Magic is not a belief system, it’s an act, a praxis. I am using the philosophical term “praxis” because a) I love its Marxist connotation, I’m just into that, but also because b) praxis means embodying our beliefs daily through physical deeds, dialogue, creative action and ENGAGEMENT with the world around us.

What Will We Do?

On Monday evenings, once or twice a month from 7-9pm, I’m inviting you to do things like raise power, cast spells, celebrate holidays, perform rituals, learn chants, create sigils and myriad other fantastic forms of magical art. Normally, the format of the class is discussion, visualization, and meditation for the first hour, followed by an hour of art practice where you actually use and manifest your skills.

Like all good education should, the Magical Praxis workshops build upon your own pre-existing fields of knowledge so you can utilize your discoveries, connect them to other important areas in your life, and apply new skills to solve your most pressing problems. What makes Magical Praxis great is that the techniques we learn come alive through you. It’s not just about me giving a lecture; we create magic together by studying traditional practices and then apply them to contemporary problems. You’re always going to leave with an arsenal of tools in your belt, AND we’ll also usually create a magical artwork that you’ll be able to take home. Sometimes the artworks will be visual, other times they will be written activities, chants or magical theatrical practices.

Why Combine Magic with Art?

First of all, art and magic have always been combined. Magic is the act of transforming reality and shaping it to our will using the imagination as our primary tool; art, the act of creating objects or performing actions as a means of communication, was originally an expression of human’s relationship to the divine, or at the very least, the sacred (think of the cave paintings at Lascaux, the Venus of Willendorf, or the ragas of ancient India). Magic and art are essentially the same thing, or at least they are in my opinion and in the minds of many art witches like myself. Furthermore, every spirit worker or magical practitioner has something unique to offer as a teacher. As it happens, my background is in the arts. I have a BFA in Dance, a dual Masters degree in Writing/Critical Theory and Film & Video, and I’ve worked as a teaching artist and/or educational consultant with the Getty, LACMA, MOCA, the Skirball Cultural Center, and The Hammer Museum, among many other non-profit organizations and institutions. So the arts are my particular field of expertise, and my practice as an artist, witch and oracle is in uniting magic and art, and most importantly, educating the world about what I believe is a crucial relationship for humanity to explore as we move forward. For more info about me and my practice, click here. 

Why Should You Come to Magical Praxis?

The Magical Praxis mystery school came about as a request from my clients, most of whom would like to be able to practice more at home on their own, or who can’t to afford to come in for a session with me as often as they’d like. Right now, these workshops are only $20 a pop, whereas a one-on-one session with me comes with a slightly higher price tag, ranging from $80 up to $200. So there’s that.

But most importantly, when your magic starts working, you gain confidence, you create more, you smile more, you get what you want more often, you feel stronger, you heal faster, you become more attractive. People are attracted to magical power. And yes, there are a lot of people in the world who generate and use power for nefarious purposes. But if you’re reading this, the likelihood is you’re not that kind of person, because I don’t hang with those kinds of people. As a matter of fact, if you’re reading this, and you’re like most of my clients, then you’re one of those creative and beautiful beings who needs to worry less about abusing your power and more about generating more so that you can exercise your will effectively in the name of Love. Planet earth needs you! In all my work, my life’s mission basically, is to create more love and beauty in the world. We lovers of beauty need to rise up together and restore balance and harmony. In the words of the Star Goddess: “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.” As earthly beings, love, pleasure and beauty are our birthright; every living being deserves those things. And as witches it is our duty to create a world of joy and beauty using whatever means we have available. Enter, Magical Praxis. Use your magic or lose it, folks. Join me on Magical Praxis Mondays to rock this world back into the pleasure zone.

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