About The Oracle of Los Angeles

Oracle of Los Angeles, 2016. Image by Pamila Payne.

Oracle of Los Angeles, 2016. Image by Pamila Payne.

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As the Oracle of Los Angeles I wear all sorts of spiritual hats, only some of which are tall and pointy. I help my clients to find solutions to all their central issues: health, creativity, career, sexuality and relationships, fertility, anxiety, manifesting abundance and more.

Growing up in a pagan household my magical education started young; I learned to read the tarot and made my own set of runes before I entered my teens; my great grandmother read palms and tea leaves, and I share the same family tree as Edgar Cayce.

Today I draw from a broad range of esoteric strategies including the Western Mystery Traditions of tarot, alchemy and Hermeticism; shamanic healing practices; positive magic and witchcraft; herbalism; energy work (Reiki, tantra and other yogas); psychomagic and more.

Throughout my years as a magical practitioner, I’ve given countless tarot readings; spent months at Zen monasteries; given lectures on Witchcraft at ESMOA, UC Irvine, Cal State Pomona and UCLA; received my Reiki Master initiation from Tibetan monk Tenzin Lama Sherpa; studied Holotropic Breathwork with Michael Stone and have received a certification in breathwork by David Elliott; and trained in shamanic healing techniques with Amanda Foulger of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I also have a BFA in Dance Theatre from University College of London, and an MFA in Writing/Critical Theory and Film/Video from California Institute of the Arts.

In 2012, I founded the Los Angeles Mystery Project (LAMP), a series of magical happenings performed throughout the city of Los Angeles that blend performance art with urban shamanism. Currently, I lead a monthly mystery school called, Magical Praxis, where students can learn how to apply traditional magical practices to solve contemporary problems using various magical and artistic strategies. I also have a radio show called The Oracle Hour, which airs on artist-run KCHUNG radio every other Sunday at 4pm.

Other projects include a series of workshops on magic and writing with the writer Francesca Lia Block, and a series of installation projects called Plant Magick with the landscape architect Krystal Chang where we create wands, wreaths and other living installations using crystals, and plants from California’s native chaparral.

As an oracle and  witch one thing I’ve come to understand is that we are co-creators of our world. If we want to live in a healthy world, to thrive, to create, to ensure abundance for all creatures of this planet, then we must cultivate beauty and love. My contribution is to use tarot, divination, energy healing, ceremonial magic, shamanic trance, and many other means to cultivate beauty and love in my clients and help them thrive.

My mission is to create an army of celebrants of the Goddess of Love. Together, we will re-enchant the world!


Totem Workshop Pic

Totem Making Workshop and Ceremony. Photo by Karla Aguiniga and Rachel Lindt, 2012.

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I would give Amanda more stars if I could! I came to Amanda at a time of great turmoil in my life and could not be more satisfied with the choice to get a reading from her.

Kai F., Educator

Something magical happens when you get a tarot reading from the Oracle of Los Angeles. It’s as though she takes you to another dimension where it’s just the two of you and she’s downloading info straight from an unseen, loving, mystical source. She is poised, brilliant, spiritually connected, and has such a generous soul. Every reading I’ve had has been RIGHT-on and so incredibly thorough!

Milly S., Actress

I went into my session yearning for a little guidance & reassurance but what I got was a trillion times better. I felt reassured, sure, but I also felt some sort of crazy cathartic release. She’s the real deal, folks. Think of her as an intuitive, sensitive, mystical shrink.

Lauren S., Writer

Amanda is such a gifted intuitive, tarot reader and shamanic facilitator. She has a nurturing way of tuning into your world and applying sage wisdom to help you navigate through your challenges. She creates a supportive space to dive deeply and see things you might not have been able to see before, approaching life with a loving, new perspective. I love that she combines her gifts as a writer and an intuitive to write our what happened in your reading, giving you a blueprint in powerfully moving forward, that you can refer to again and again. Amanda and her work is a gift that keeps on giving long after your session with her is complete.

Onyay P., Musician and Healer


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