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How Tarot Can Help

May 4, 2013
The Star Card

Tarot 17. The Star, from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

What A Reading Can Do For You

Tarot offers a fresh perspective on your life, shining a lantern on your desires, struggles, goals and relationships, illuminating overlooked pathways for success. Archetypes and symbols drawing from thousands of years of mystical scholarship help to connect your own efforts and passions to the larger story of the unfolding Universal Consciousness. By consistently making the connection between your own life and the universal will, you become empowered to make strong choices, tap into infinite energy sources, and call your spirit into alignment in order to fulfill your greatest potential. The earliest known Tarot decks originated in Renaissance Italy, and were based on an elaborate procession or parade called Trionfi, a Triumph. Ultimately, the goal of the Tarot is to help you triumph in your own life. Investigating what that means is one of the greatest pleasures the Tarot offers, and the answers you discover might surprise you.


Trump 14 - Art

Trump 14. Art from the Thoth deck. Traditionally known as Temperance.

How Tarot Works

Depending on which deck you use, the Tarot draws from a vast pool of archetypal and symbolic imagery, mostly collected from the Western Mystery traditions. Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Neo-Platonism, alchemy, Gnosticism, mystical Christianity, Catholicism, and even many pagan influences all contribute to the wisdom of the Tarot. The real question is, is the Tarot random, or is it the voice of the supernatural? From my perspective, all life is “supernatural,” in that Spirit, also known as consciousness or the Life Force, makes up the essence of all that is. There is no-thing that resides outside of the domain of the Spirit. Caught up in our daily lives and the seemingly endless distractions of contemporary life, it’s easy for us to tune out our connection to the Universal Consciousness. Nevertheless, Spirit is constantly there, speaking to us, urging us towards harmony and balance. Since Spirit makes up the entire universe, everything we think or do comes from that source. The imagination is one of the main vehicles through which Spirit speaks to us, communicating through the dreams, visions, and symbols. When read with the correct intention, there is no doubt, for me anyway, that Spirit is speaking through the cards. But even if you are the biggest skeptic on earth and you believe the tarot is simply a random assortment of images, a good reader would still be able to offer you insight into your life and situation. That’s because, as any practitioner of Narrative Psychology can attest, the story you tell about your life determines your perspective and behavior. If you change the story, you get a different outcome. A random assortment of images, if interpreted by someone with acute powers of intuition, will still offer helpful alternative perspectives on your situation. In my experience, no one walks away from a Tarot reading empty handed. Nevertheless, how much you get from a reading depends largely on your openness to the experience, and the skill of the reader.


High Priestess - Robert Place deck

Trump 2. High Priestess, from the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery deck.

How To Choose the Right Tarot Reader for You

Though Tarot cards are based on universal archetypes and symbols, how your reader interprets them can make a huge difference. Any great work of literature is going to yield as many different interpretations as there are readers, and the same is true of the tarot. But a good tarot reader doesn’t just base their readings on the definitions of the cards described in books, a true understanding of the tarot comes from developing a relationship with the cards over a period of years. A good reading should leave you feeling empowered, clear about a course of action, and more in touch with the strength and love that makes up your true nature. If you tune into your intuition, you can find the right reader for you. Do you get a good feeling from looking at the reader’s website? Does what the reader says about their practice resonate with you? If connected to them by referral, do you like and respect the people who recommended them? Most importantly, by reading what they say about their work, do you feel empowered or do you feel anxious? Unscrupulous readers might play on your fears; choose someone who, before you even get the reading, helps to remind you how strong and capable you are. Always a good lesson in life! As in love and business, so in Tarot!



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