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The Rise of the L.A. Art Witch

December 2, 2016
Rise of the LA Art Witch pic

Details from “The Rise of the L.A. Art Witch” in Contemporary Art Review L.A. (CARLA) magazine.

Witches or Witch-curious folks!

Check out my recent piece in CARLA on the power of witchcraft in the Los Angeles art world.

“More and more frequently we’re seeing contemporary artists utilize the methodologies of witchcraft in their practice, largely because, by its very nature, witchcraft is a political and creative act commanding power back into the hands of people who have historically been banished from the inner circles of cultural authority.”

Art Witches unite!

Read the article here.

Or pick up the magazine in person, which also includes stunning work by Travis Diehl, Catherine Wagley, Julie Weitz, Jessica Simmons, Molly Larkey, Aaron Horst, Keith J. Varadi, Katie Bode, Stuart Krimko, Matt Stromberg, Claressinka Anderson, Analia Saban, Ry Rocklen, Sarah Cain and more!

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Thank you so much to all the artists I discussed (and all the artists I WANTED to discuss but couldn’t fit into my word count) and to the amazing editors at CARLA!

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