Astrology Magic

Philosophies of Divination

July 27, 2017

I developed one of my main philosophies about divination and magic as a museum educator.

At MOCA, we didn’t try to tell museum visitors what the art meant; we tried to help them have a richer experience of looking at the work.

As an oracle, I have a similar intention. When I perform a divination, I’m not trying to tell my clients what to do, or what decisions they should make.

Instead, I’m trying to help my clients have a richer experience of their life. My goal is to help them marshal all their experience, all their knowledge, all their intuition and passion, to help them dive into their lives as they would an artwork.

In magic as in art, the point isn’t to know everything and then get to the end as fast as possible.

It’s about reconnecting to the pleasure and joy of participation. Often best done in the company of others.

Image by Irving Block, Francesca Lia Block ‘s Dad!


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