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9/30/17 Adoration of Venus Ceremonial Workshop

September 26, 2017
Dear Ones, 
Please join astrologer Stuart Krimko and I this Saturday afternoon for a Ceremonial Workshop on behalf of the planetary energy of Venus. We’ll be learning about her, discussing her, and creating more of her energy in the world through our participation. 
More On Venus 
Venus rules Eros; she is the connecting force in the universe. She is magnetism, she is allure, she is the force that brings things together. Venusian energy is the exact opposite of coercion. She requires no force to make things happen. Our Lady of Love encourages action through desire. 
In other words, Venus doesn’t make you do anything. You do it because you WANT to. Venus is the want. And the satisfaction that comes from getting it.

Venus is the Planetary Logoi of diplomacy and peace-making. She helps us connect to others and to enjoy life.

Cultivate your connection to Venus, and you’ll find that your life will become more harmonious. You’ll bring that harmony everywhere you go. 
So, if you want to, and if Venus compels it, come to our Ceremonial Workshop this Saturday. We’ll be learning about that Venusian magic, and making some of our very own.

Event Details

When: Saturday 30 September, 2017. 4 – 6pm. 
Where: Klowden Mann Gallery. 6023 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232
Energy Exchange: Free!
What to Bring: comfy cushion to sit on (there should also be chairs available), notebook and pencil, any crystals or anything you’d like to place on the altar, some offering for Venus (she likes yummy food, cakes, wine, flowers, pearls, pretty things). 
Contact: 310-280-0226 |

Hail Venus!!

Adoration of Venus, event flier. ©Oracle Of Los Angeles, 2017.

Adoration of Venus, event flier. ©Oracle Of Los Angeles, 2017.

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