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Creative Blocks, Begone! Working with the Full Moon in Leo + Eclipse

February 10, 2017
Hilma Af Klint, The Swan No. 12

Hilma Af Klint, “The Swan, No. 12, Group IX/SUW,” 1914-15. Detail.

Full Moon in Leo + Eclipse asks you: “How can you overcome the material circumstances obstructing the full expression of your creativity?”

The Moon is the moody, swiftly changing, silvery being that pulls tide, that coaxes our physical cycles of fertility, that turns us into werewolves, that illuminates our darkest hours. Our Moon is our mood. And when the Moon is in Leo, she’s waving the banner of creativity and courage and asking us to follow her lead.

Leo is the sign of shameless peacockery. Leo is the kid who comes out dressed in his mother’s sequined dress, belting out show tunes at the family dinner. We all have a little Leo in us, some of us keep our big cats locked further in the closet than others.

Today’s Full Moon in Leo + Lunar Eclipse marks an opportunity for you to cast off your shame, your self doubt, your excuses and your worries and dance like no one is watching.

Gene Kelly channeling the Leo Full Moon in “Singin’ in the Rain”.

The earth doesn’t just represent the material realm, it IS our material realm. Whenever the shadow of the earth falls across the Moon, as it does during a lunar eclipse, on a subconscios level it reminds us of all the physical things making our life hard. People tend to get a little crazy. When shadows eclipse the light, we humans have a tendency to worry it’s going to last forever.

The theme of this lunar eclipse in Leo is all about how material circumstances can get in the way of our creative output.

Here’s a by no means exhaustive list of things that might be killing your “Gotta dance” vibe this February:

  • Shit jobs that take up all your time
  • Health problems that make you too exhausted to feel creative
  • Not having enough money to buy the materials you need
  • Not having the skills you need to work the equipment
  • Needing a better space to work in (or any space)
  • Not having access to the right people
  • Anxiety that the world (earth) is ending and that you should spend all your time and energy trying to put it back together again, that you’re own creative projects are not important anymore
  • Conviction that since the world is, in fact, ending, the least you can do is watch it crash and burn on Facebook, instead of working on your project

Whenever I face any or all of these “reasons why not” in my own life, I like to remind myself about the beginning of life on earth.

early life on earth?

Not the best place for an art studio… early life on earth?

Life as we know it evolved from proteins in a sea of seething acid. As the first single celled creatures twisted around in that muck, striving towards eventually becoming rainforests and dinosaurs and whales, they didn’t say…

…”But I can’t do it unless I have an art studio in Echo Park.”

…”But I can’t do it unless there is nothing that threatens me.”

…”But I can’t do it unless the conditions for my creativity are absolutely perfect.”

Those little bacteria just did it. They worked with what they had. They joined together with other creative proteins and they made it work. And they worked shamelessly.

Those little bacteria didn’t worry if other single celled organisms thought what they were doing was dumb. They didn’t tell themselves their work was pointless because a big Cheeto-colored asteroid might soon hit the earth and destroy all their labor.

We owe our lives to the Leonine creative efforts of those dauntless bacteria swimming in the cosmic soup billions of years ago. They used whatever they had available to them to help them grow and flourish. You can do the same!

So Your Simple Spell for the Full Moon in Leo this Month is:

Look at where you are at your most creative in your life right now and move deeper into that. Look at your desire and swim towards its light.

If you only have an old dried out baguette, grab that and use it as your sword. Commit to doing at least one creative act every day this month. 

In a billion years, art will still exist and be flourishing because of your efforts. The beings of light that are our future descendants will thank you.

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