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Spells, Rites, Rituals and Ceremonies

May 1, 2013
©Oracle of Los Angeles, 2016

©Oracle of Los Angeles, 2016


“A spell is a symbolic act done in an altered state of consciousness, in order to cause a desired change.”
— Starhawk

Spells and Ceremonies 101

Spells and other magic rituals are techniques for focusing your power, will, energy and spirit to create a specific outcome. By using magical tools, images and incantations we ignite the fires of the imagination. Our intentions become like lasers, the Batman signal for our dreams to land.

There are many ways to enter the spirit world. Artists enter it through the imagination, shamans go through journeying, witches go through rites and ritual. However you get there, it requires a shift in your state of consciousness. To perform a spell, calm your mind, light a candle and start focusing in on the lifeforce pulsing through your veins; that same thrum is a gift, trailing back in an unbroken line to the beginning of all life on earth. Call in your goddesses and gods, your numbers and your avatars, the spirits of your choosing. Make a leap into an ecstatic, courageous state of consciousness. Once you have crossed, Spirit speaks to you in strange songs and poetic voices, vibrant visions that can flash across of the plain of your mind like a storm. From this state, carefully set your intentions. When you return to ordinary consciousness, complete the actions necessary to achieve the desired results.

As one of my favorite mages, Jan Fries, says, performing a magical act is like planting a seed. When you plant a seed, you nurture it, you water it, you tend to it and it grows. But the force that actually makes the seed grow is the magic of nature. We might be able to explain what biological processes are at work that cause seeds to split cells and grow, but the ultimate mystery of why they do so or how it came to be that way is beyond the scope of science. Having said that, some seeds are more likely to grow than others. You can’t just spit a cherry pit in the desert and expect it to grow into an orchard. Magic is a tool for manifesting your true will. But you have to figure out what your true will is, and you still have to work to make it happen. However, in my own life, and in the lives of many of my clients, I have seen ceremonial work shift people’s experiences dramatically for the better. Most of the time, magic works! We can see it around us wherever we look, our wills become manifest, our thoughts become deeds. Just start paying attention.

Tailor-Made Magic, Just For You

There are spells, rituals and rites for everything: inviting love, inviting abundance, blessing relationships, healing illnesses*, getting a job, quitting a drug*, you name it. Each spell, ceremony, or ritual I conduct is tailor-made for the individual or group I am working with. Get in touch and we can make a plan for the right course of action. Or, find out more by checking out my services on the menu bar above.

Do As Thou Wilt But Cause No Harm

Just to be clear, I do not practice black magic. If you are interested in putting spells on someone else, or harming yourself or others in any way, I am not the right spirit worker for you. All my work is offered in service of unity and harmony with all life. My goal for my clients is personal empowerment. Personal empowerment only comes from within, not from imposing one’s will on someone else. In other words, I won’t make him love you. You deserve someone who will love you without being coerced to do so. But if you’re ready to invite a new and true beloved into your life, get in touch!!


Spells, rites and rituals are methods for channeling and directing power, but they are not the only power in the world. There are many entities competing for power and authority in the material realm; poverty, illness and injustice all have real causes both material and spiritual. Not all problems can be taken care of overnight. Not all problems can be solved, period. The only force in nature that can solve all problems is referred to in the tarot as major arcana XIII (and we’re not ready to go there yet!). Furthermore, the work I do is not a substitute for legal, financial, or medical advice by a licensed professional. I make no claim that this work is going to solve all your problems. You solve your problems, the magic simply helps clear the pathway for you to do so with greater ease and clarity. There power of the universe is infinite, but it requires effort on your part to harness it. The point of our work together is not to make it so that you get everything you want and you don’t have any problems any more. If that’s what you’re looking for and what you expect, you should probably look elsewhere. My hope for our work together is to harness your imagination and your will through magical means to turn your world around, to get inspired, to shake things up, to invoke beauty and love. YOU are the person you’ve been waiting for, and the spirits work with YOU to make it all happen. Our work together is just the beginning, and at the very least it’s fun, interesting, and cheaper than a massage at Burke Williams.

Finally, for world-wide problems such as violence, greed, oppression, environmental destruction, etc. etc. ad nauseam, I believe healing is possible but it will require everyone’s effort. We need to shift our perspectives and start cooperating with each other in the name of Love. Let’s get started!

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