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Simple Spell for the New Moon In Virgo

September 30, 2016
©Oracle of Los Angeles, 2016.

©Oracle of Los Angeles, 2016.

Simple Spell for the New Moon in Libra

Libra is the sign of relationships. For people who have Libra featured prominently in their chart, their work is to find balance and equanimity within their relationships. But just because they’re working on it doesn’t mean they’ve achieved it yet. As we all know, there’s always room for improvement — just ask a Virgo.

Tonight is the second New Moon of the month, which makes it a Black Moon. Black is the color of fertility and power. Planting the seeds of your desires in such fertile soil is especially auspicious. Because the New Moon is in Libra, spells focusing on relationships, artistic matters, and creating harmony are a good bet.


  • Using vivid language, write out what you want, fold it up anoint it with jasmine and rose oil. (If you don’t have any use rose petals – you have some somewhere, or just draw a rose, use your imagination).
  • Get a seed and whisper your intentions to it. Plant it in a pot with your written spell. Water it, tend to it.
  • On the next new moon, take note of what has changed, and what new insights you have gained.

Libra rules relationships, partnership, harmony, balance, the law and justice, now would be a good time to work your magic on behalf of justice and harmony for the people of color in our nation. Black Lives Matter on the Black Moon and always. Work your magic for a better world.

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