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KCHUNG Oracle Hour with Wendy C. Ortiz – 18 Sept 2016

October 5, 2016

160918_wendycortizWendy C. Ortiz, therapist, and author of three books, wrote her first chapbook in the 2nd grade. She always considered herself a writer. But when she was 13, just in junior high, she was seduced by her English teacher, drawn into a years long abusive relationship with him that didn’t end until she graduated high school.

Join us for this emotional episode of the Oracle Hour wherein we discuss: how one knows they’re a writer; how abuse effects your relationships throughout your life; how to make sense of relationships that both educate and destroy you; the difference between telling someone you love them and ACTUALLY ACTING LIKE IT; losing our virginity; what to do when the thing society considers to be valuable about you isn’t what you value about yourself; animal familiars and her latest book, “Bruja”, a dreamoire cataloguing the alternate reality we experience in our dreams, our second life.

To listen to the episode, click this link.

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