La Justice, from the Lombardische Trieste deck.

La Justice, from the Lombardische Trieste deck.

Statement of Intent

I believe in spirit work as a tool for personal empowerment. The images of the Tarot, and the spiritual traditions that I practice (informed by shamanism, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Thelemic mysticism, Dianic rites, Wicca, even Christian mysticism), at their mystical best are about the liberation of the spirit and connecting with the mysterious source of all life. Working together with my clients, my goal is to increase the amount of love in the world, and develop your sense of agency. I don’t see myself as a guru; my role is not to tell my clients what to do or what is going to happen to them. We all have free will, and we make our own futures. Instead, I help my clients gain clarity and peace of mind, to find their power and act on it. I believe that each human being is here to DO THE WORK of elevating consciousness and making the world more loving and beautiful place. “God” (whatever that means for you) isn’t here to do that for us, as part of God, we do that work for ourselves in service to the world. So roll up your sleeves! It’s time to get empowered and courageous.  Let’s make the world a more magical place, starting right now, with you!


I follow the American Tarot Association’s Guidelines for Ethical Readings:

As an ethical Tarot reader, I help others to better hear their own inner guides. I empower clients to think through their options and come to decisions on their own. I remind clients that, whichever direction the cards may point, the future really lays in the hands of each individual. If necessary, I will encourage clients to seek the professional help of doctors, counselors, accountants, and lawyers — especially in cases where the client’s concern goes beyond my field of expertise. I do not use the cards to identify “curses” or “bad energy” and then charge my clients fees for removing these negative entities. All my professional actions are offered in the service of health and wholeness.

Code of Ethics:

(Modified from the American Tarot Association)

  1. I serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional activities without causing or intending to cause harm.
  2. I treat all my clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference.
  3. I honestly represent my Tarot qualifications, including educational credentials, levels of certification and experience.
  4. I keep confidential the names of clients and all information shared or discussed during readings, unless otherwise requested by the client or required by a court of law.
  5. I recommend clients consult a licensed professional for advice of a legal, financial, medical, or psychological nature that I am not qualified to provide. If trained in one of these areas, I will clearly differentiate between the tarot reading and any professional advice additionally provided.
  6. I do not perform readings for those under 18 years of age, nor do I perform readings on someone else at the behest of a third party. I won’t do a reading for your ex-boyfriend unless he asks me to!
  7. I respect my clients’ right to refuse or terminate their reading at any time. Similarly, I reserve the right to terminate a reading if a client’s actions seem harmful or abusive.