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After the Persian by Louise Bogan

October 19, 2013

After The Persian by Louise Bogan 1 I have wept with the spring storm; Burned with the brutal summer. Now, hearing the wind and the twanging bow-strings I know what winter brings. The hunt sweeps out upon the plain And the garden darkens. They will bring the trophies home To bleed and perish Beside the trellis and the lattices, Beside the fountain, still flinging diamond water, Beside the pool (Which is eight-sided, like my heart). 2 All has been translated…

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The Flowers of St. Francis

October 15, 2013

Not only is Roberto Rossellini’s 1950 film The Flowers of St. Francis just outrageously beautiful, not only does it have tons of charm and that yummy scratchiness in the 16mm audio track, but it’s also surprisingly funny. Find just a little bit of the awesomeness that is Rossellini below.…

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