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Why We Need Urban Shamans

July 26, 2013

Shamans and mystics are important because they are interpreters of microclimates within our communities. Shamans cultivate their own personal relationships with the divine, with the fundamental principles of life. Their ability to find meaning within the mysteries of the universe, rather than through sanctioned books and renowned figures, necessarily destabilizes authoritarian power structures.…

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Shamanic Cinema: Ben Russell’s “River Rites”

July 6, 2013

“The real skill of the practitioner [of magic] lies not in skilled concealment but in the skilled revelation of skilled concealment. Magic is efficacious not despite the trick but on account of its exposure.” — Michael Taussig, from the essay Viscerality, Faith, and Skepticism: Another Theory of Magic River Rites exposes three realms of existence, and filmmaker Ben Russell leads us through all of them. The first realm is the world of the subjects of the film, a small community…

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