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June 2013

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This Picture Reveals Your True Nature

June 30, 2013

When we practice looking closely (and then looking closely again, and then again) at a text, or a painting, or person, we can begin to see beyond the categories we normally ascribe to that object. We start to see its suchness, its uniqueness in all the world. We begin think about its history and context. By looking closely, whole new worlds, both interior and exterior, begin to open up, and we can start to make connections between all things, which…

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Blog Intelligence Spirituality

Medium As Performer

June 21, 2013

“‘Modern Spiritualism’ had, after all, started in the United States when the Fox sisters discovered in March 1848 that the spirit of a murdered man communicated with them through raps and taps (Wallace [1874] 1896:152-53). The movement spread quickly and reached England in the early 1850s in the shape of two female American mediums and Harriet Beecher Stowe (Britten 1883:129, 137; Owen 1989:19). In the United States the movement was allied with radical — individualistic, abolitionist, and feminist — critiques…

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Magic Manifesto

June 5, 2013

The word magic in English comes from the Greek mageia, where it was used to refer to foreigners from the east, spell casting priests from Babylon. From the very beginning of its contemporary roots, magic was used to refer to the weird and unsettling practices of outsiders. …

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