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The Oracle Hour: Cool Thunder

August 12, 2016
Oracle Hour- Cool Thunder flier.

Oracle Hour – Cool Thunder flier. Image Credit: The Valkyrie Brünnhilde by Arthur Rackham.

Beachy magico-synth tunes make up the main portion of the first Oracle Hour of August. Tune in to the archived show and kick back if you’re looking to exponentially increase your cool quotient. Most of the songs are from the past year or two, with the Melbourne music scene heavily represented. Guest DJ Josh Corn made me want to get my surf on. Coral reefs, wallabees and thou! Listen.


  1. Holy Balm — “Fashion”
  2. Blouse — “Videotapes”
  3. Geneva Jacuzzi — “I’m A TV”
  4. Chris & Cosy — “Walking Through Heaven”
  5. Crowdrock —  “Tanzkonzert Nummer 7″
  6. Jennifer Castle — “Sailing Away”
  7. Varsity — “So Sad, So Sad”
  8. Trust Fund — “Sadness”
  9. Sleepy Township — “UFO”
  10. Peine Perdue — “Coeur Brise”
  11. Snowbird — “The North Wind Doth Blow”
  12. Allo Darlin — “We Come From the Same Place”
  13. Pikelet — “Interface Distopia”
  14. Yoko Ono/Plasitc Ono Band — “The Sun Is Down!”

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