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Simple Spells: Full Moon in Gemini

December 13, 2016


Simple Spells for the Full Moon in Gemini.

Simple Spells for the Full Moon in Gemini. Image by Casimiro Sainz [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Use the juice of today’s Full Moon to communicate the big idea you were conceiving on the New Moon last month. Let me break it down for you…

On November 28th, the moon was new and passing through Sagittarius the Archer’s fiery blaze.

The energy of the New Moon helps us set intentions, which we do either consciously or unconsciously. So look at whatever theme was going on in your life on the 28th of November (check your text messages, journals or emails) and then take note of where you’re at with those intentions right now.

Keep a special look out for those Sagittarian “big ideas”, particularly those involving how you as an individual relate to society as a whole, how you’re rebelling, how you’d like the social order to transform, etc.…

…then you can look at where you’re at right now, on today’s Full Moon, to see what you’ve manifested.

Have you brought your big idea into being or at least made a few baby steps? (If not, don’t worry, take note of any obstacles and use the ensuing waning moon to banish them).

Today the Full Moon is lending its powers to the Gemini twins. Gemini is a sign of the mind, all air and quickness, all high energy, communication and social engagement.

Whatever idea you’re hatching, the Full Moon makes today the perfect day to communicate your message to the world.

Spell Steps for the Full Moon in Gemini:

  • Figure out which “big idea” you want to focus on by looking at what was going on in your life on the 28th of November
  • Notice any obstacles that got in your way (use any time post Full Moon, up until the next New Moon in Capricorn on the 28th of December to banish them)
  • Notice which aspects of the “big idea” have been growing over the past two weeks, wherever that growth has occurred is where you’re most likely to see the best results from a spell
  • Create a missive about your “big idea”. I’m thinking an email to a powerful person, a grant proposal, an evite, a press release, a letter of inquiry, a declaration of intent, a manifesto, something communication oriented in that Gemini spirit.
  • Set your intention and send out your missive with a few magic words, such as, “By the power of the Goddess/God within me, I charge this spell to (fill in the blank) with the help of the Full Moon in Gemini. As I will it, so it is, for the greatest good of all beings, my will be done.”

Enjoy! And let me know how it goes. If you want to bring out the big guns and need help creating a ritual to help you manifest your big idea on a whole new level, get in touch to book an appointment. xo

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