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Powers vs. Beings

August 4, 2013
Ein Sof

Kabbalah – Ein Sof and angelic hierarchies (Universes or olamot).

“Our modern science acknowledges a Supreme Power, an Invisible Principle, but denies a Supreme Being, or Personal God. Logically the difference between the two might be questioned; for in this case, the Power and the Being are identical. Human reason can hardly imagine to itself an Intelligent Supreme Power without associating it with the idea of an Intelligent Being. The masses can never be expected to have a clear conception of the omnipotence and omnipresence of a Supreme God, without investing a gigantic projection of their own personality with those attributes. But the kabbalists have never looked upon the invisible En-Sof [God prior to manifestation of the universe] otherwise than as a Power.”
— Helena Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, Chapter 1


Just because we humans often don’t have the imagination to conceive of God as something other than a big, grouchy, capricious representation of ourselves doesn’t change the fact that the Supreme Power that animates the universe and bubbles in all life does not exist. Unhidden. In a state of glorious being for each of us to behold, for each of us to feel blazing through us, always and everywhere.

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