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Know No Shame: Working Magic With Black Isis

October 12, 2015
Black Isis Flier

Black Isis workshop flier. Copyright 2015 Amanda Yates Garcia, Oracle of Los Angeles.

Workshop Description:

“Terrible one, lady of the rain-storm, conqueror of hearts, swallower of them…Lady of the temple, slaughterer of the fiends in the night…the unknown goddess with the back-turned face, overthrower of those who draw nigh unto her flame.”  — From the Egyptian Book of The Dead

As one of the most ancient goddesses, the adoration of Isis goes back over 5,000 years and extends across the globe, even out here to sunny Los Angeles. Isis is known to be the source of all life, the goddess of magic, and as such she is the ultimate creatress, ruling motherhood, women and the arts as a protective deity. But Isis also has a more sinister incarnation as Nepthys, her sister/twin, destroying goddess of the underworld. In this workshop we’ll look at how Isis in all her forms challenges us to overturn authoritarian power structures, cast off our shame and self-doubt, and rise up in fierceness as wrathful deities of daring. Join me, Amanda Yates Garcia, Oracle of Los Angeles, as we use mysteries drawn from tarot, astrology, shamanism and other occult arts to forge a permanent connection with our Lady in Black. The workshop will conclude with an invocation ritual you can utilize in your daily practice. In the name of Isis, we cast off our self-doubt, by the powers of Isis, we know no shame!


Friday, October 30, 2015, 11am (Webinar, tune in – or watch later)

How Much?:

Respond quickly darlings! This workshop is part of Brouhaha, an online festival. My workshop alone is $77 but for only $20 more you get to participate in the ENTIRE 3 week long online festival with 10 workshops and 5 rituals a day, all of which you can access at your leisure, for only $97. The regular price for this is $297. But the workshop coordinators have permitted me to give my first five clients the $200 (!!) discount if they sign up before October 15. That’s only five days away!

How Do I Sign Up?
Click this link to sign up for the special offer.

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