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Jodorowsky – On How To Read the Tarot

March 27, 2014
9 - The Hermit - Jodorowsky's Tarot of Marseille

9 – The Hermit – Jodorowsky’s Tarot of Marseille

“By learning, among many other things, to concentrate our attention, to control our thoughts, our desires, and emotions during the reading; to vanquish our laziness, always to finish what we start, not to get upset if the individual for whom we are reading refuses to grasp Consciousness, to do what we are doing the best we can, to eliminate vices and manias, to perform acts of generosity without witness, to purify the mind by eliminating superfluous interests without falling into either excessive self-criticism or excessive self-indulgence, consciously to give thanks for every gift, to meditate, to pray to the inner god, to contemplate, to have conversations with ourselves on profound themes, to develop their meanings, to stop defining ourselves, to know how to listen, to not lie to others or to ourselves, to not revel in our pain or agony, to help our neighbor without making him dependent, to not seek to be imitated, to make lucid use of time, to make work plans and accomplish them, to not take up too much space, to not squander, to not make useless noise, to not eat unhealthy food only for pleasure, to answer every question as honestly as possible, to overcome fear of life and death, to not only live in the here and now but in the elsewhere and after, never to abandon our children by watching over them from the time they were infants, to appropriate nothing or no one for ourselves, to share equitably, to not overadorn ourselves with clothing or objects out of vanity, to not deceive, to sleep only as much as is strictly necessary, not to follow styles, not to prostitute ourselves, to respect scrupulously every signed contract and every promise made, to be punctual, not to envy the success of others, to say just what needs to be said, not to think of the benefits of a work but to love the work for itself, never to threaten or curse, to put ourselves in the shoes of the other, to make every moment a teacher, to want our children to do better than we did and to accept their success, to teach the consultants how to learn from themselves, to overcome pride by changing it into dignity, anger into creativity, avarice into wisdom, envy into admiration for beauty, hate into generosity, lack of faith into universal love; not to applaud or insult ourselves, not to complain about ourselves, not to give orders for the pleasure of compelling obedience, not to contract debts, never to speak badly of others, not to keep useless objects, and first and foremost, never to act in your own name but in that of the inner god.”

–Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa
“The Way of the Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards”
P. 429-430

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