To Hex or Not To Hex

February 24, 2017

You’ve probably seen the viral article going around about hexing Trump tonight at midnight EST.

A hex is a magical working performed with the intention of causing someone harm. It’s essentially a psychic assault. Most witches I know don’t do hexes.

The idea of assaulting someone, even an enemy, just doesn’t seem that appealing.

Witches tend to love pleasure and have better things to do with their time — like protesting, practicing Tantra with their lover, talking with their bestie about crystals and Ana Mendieta, or reading books about Permaculture and playing with their cat.

But what about in the case of someone like Donald Trump?

A person who sits smugly at the top of a pyramid of minions that bully trans kids, tear apart immigrant families, ban refugees, are actively racist, commit acts of violence against Native Americans, go out of their way to make women’s lives more difficult, erode democracy and civil liberties, provoke other sovereign nations as if desperate to start a war, and seem intent on destroying the environment, which every being on earth depends upon for their survival.

Doesn’t it seem like a hex is warranted in that case?

Trouble is, as anyone whose ever committed any kind of act of violence should be aware: violence begets more violence.

If Trump explodes, we all might go with him. No, thanks.

Now, binding is a whole different story. A magical binding is performed in order to PREVENT someone from doing harm. It’s done for the greatest good of all concerned and the greatest good of all beings.

Binding is an act we can all get behind.

As any practicing witch will tell you, all magic begins with intention. If we aren’t clear about our intentions, it’s not likely that we will achieve the result we want.

For instance, if we have no clear intention of graduating, we’re unlikely to end up with a degree in our hands. On the other hand if we commit ourselves, out loud and publicly, to get straight As at school, we’re more likely to achieve our goal. The power of intention is strong.

Magic to effect change on a grand scale requires collective action. If all of our intentions are mobilized towards a specific goal, we create an egregore, a spirit to achieve our collective will.

So tonight let us, collectively, express our intention to bind Trump. And, perhaps more importantly, to bind all the beings that support Trump in his compassionless agenda.

Our spell should have two parts: a) to prevent the current administration from doing harm, and b) to empower those of us who work in service of Love to rise in solidarity for the greatest good of all beings.

For the binding, we should only intend things for him that we’d be happy to wish upon ourselves:

  • We bind Trump and his minions that any act they perform with the intention of causing harm (or benefit to only a small number) whither and abort itself.
  • We bind him that his true nature be recognized and seen by all (nothing to hide, nothing to fear, right?).
  • We bind this administration that any action they take based on fear and divisiveness only serve to embolden the masses towards love and justice by the power of 3 x 3.

And for ourselves, we set our intention towards the following:

  • That the people recognize and act upon our power in solidarity and compassion.
  • That the “checks and balances” of our judicial infrastructure not only remain strong, but become more compassionate and more just with any and every assault against them.
  • That with every passing day we become stronger, more articulate, more courageous, more loving, more creative, more willing to rise up on behalf of injustice anywhere.
  • That we stay energized and focused on creating a better, more beautiful and healthy world.
  • That Love wins.

As we will it. So be it. See to it.

Victory to the Goddess!

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