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The Rise of the L.A. Art Witch

December 2, 2016

Witches or Witch-curious folks! Check out my recent piece in CARLA on the power of witchcraft in the Los Angeles art world. “More and more frequently we’re seeing contemporary artists utilize the methodologies of witchcraft in their practice, largely because, by its very nature, witchcraft is a political and creative act commanding power back into the hands of people who have historically been banished from the inner circles of cultural authority.” Art Witches unite! Read the article here. Or pick…

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13 November – Witchcraft Lecture and Performance at the Hammer

November 12, 2016

So honored and thrilled to be a part of artist Lara Schitnger’s two day program at the Hammer Museum on Sunday. Swing by, everyone! I will be giving a lecture on the practices of contemporary witchcraft. Following that, I will lead a closing ceremony created in collaboration with Lara to activate her Suffragette City sculptures. The ceremonial performance is called “Yes Means Yes!” and was inspired by the movement within feminist circles to celebrate women’s enthusiastic sexual consent. “Yes means…

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Adrienne Walser’s Review of “Incantations for Navigating the Cardinal Directions of Los Angeles”

June 21, 2015

So excited to read Adrienne Walser’s impassioned creative response to my “Incantations for Navigating the Cardinal Directions of Los Angeles” books for The Art Book Review. Los Angeles is a weird and wonderful labyrinth of magic, I’m grateful to be traveling these roads in such inspired company. Incantations at the Art Book Review…

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XVI The Tower: Tarot Wisdom for Your Crisis

July 11, 2014

  More than just telling your fortune, the tarot shows how universal principles work in the material world.   Whenever you experience a crisis, you can be sure the archetypal energy of Major Arcana XVI — The Tower is at work in your life. The good news is, once you acknowledge it you can use some tarot wisdom, gathered over the centuries, to overcome whatever trouble The Tower is giving you. The influence of The Tower can also be seen on a larger scale…

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Could Mystical Ecstasy be a Cure for the Zombie Apocalypse?

June 29, 2014

I spent two years, nine hours a day facing two flickering screens, squirming in a chair in a windowless office in the industrial armpit of Los Angeles. Sometimes on my lunch break, I’d take a few laps around the cul-du-sac, past the other fabrication factories. The neighborhood was an ideal location for a zombie film; boarded up warehouses, weeds cracking through the parking lots. The active factories shaking from the sound of grinding steel, or spewing a mist of fine…

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Power and Submission: The Emperor and The Hanged Man

June 18, 2014

When the Emperor pops up in a reading, or in your life, it can sometimes be signal of greatness. In my last post on the Emperor I described him in his despotic mood. But in his more positive aspects, Major Arcana IV – the Emperor, signifies an ability to affect change in the world. Say what you will about the Emperor and his tyrannical tendencies, dude can get things done. In a reading, Arcanum IV can indicate the subject’s ability to…

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Liberation Cinema: Rossellini’s Ten Commandments

November 3, 2013

Rossellini’s Ten Commandments Roberto Rossellini’s Ten Commandments on film-making he gave to his students at the Centro Sperimentale, 1. The camera is a pen, a plain ordinary Bic, easy to use. It’s enough to know what you want to say – if you have something to say. 2. The camera is a paper tiger. Don’t mythify it. 3. Therefore the image must exist first in your head. The camera can’t substitute for the absence of an image in your head.…

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