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The Oracle Interviews Johanna Hedva

February 7, 2016
Oracle Hour flier for Johanna Hedva

Johanna Hedva as photographed by Pamila Payne.

The first time I met Johanna Hedva I knew I was in the presence of an otherworldly spirit. Her entire being is a rune: powerful, electric, disruptive and beyond reckoning. Mystic, artist, writer and fury she incants the auguries of the Sick Woman. You’d be wise to heed them, dear Initiate. She’s gathering an army of witches. She’s coming out with a cleaver against imperialist, capitalist, white-supremacist corporate patriarchy. Blood stains on the carpet. Tune in to KCHUNG today at 4pm to find out how to enlist. Click here to listen.

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