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2/27/17 Magical Praxis: Crystal Kink

February 20, 2017
Citrine Crystal

Crystal Kink photo by Patrick Jackson. © Oracle of Los Angeles, 2017.


Crystals find you when you’re ready.

In my case, like every good witch, I liked crystals.

In New Age shops, I flirted with translucent milky green calcite, made of the same stuff as mollusks. I’d fondle aragonite, fingering its russet star clusters and then coyly walk away.

But there comes a point in every art witch’s life when she tips from a mild crush on crystals to a full blown stalker level obsession. That’s when you know crystals have had their way with you.

And being the kinky witch that you are, you love it.

Many of us feel drawn to crystals before we know anything about them or their magical properties.

Reading the labels in fancy shops we find crystals to bring love, connect with spirit guides, protect, inspire, ground, heal our root chakra.

It’s too bad picking out a crystal based on its label is a similar process to finding the love of your life by searching Tinder taglines.

You don’t need to memorize the properties of the top 100 crystals according to Doreen Virtue to get the most out of your stones.

What IS essential in working with crystals is that you establish intimacy. As the basis of any good relationship, intimacy comes through experience. It’s all about listening and paying attention.

Why does Selenite help you connect with the spirit realms, while clear quartz simply amplifies that’s already there?

How do you choose the right crystal? What if you get it wrong? What if you can’t afford the one you want? And, how can a crystal have any effect on your life whatsoever? It’s just a rock! Isn’t it?

When working with crystals you have to decolonize your mind. We want to approach crystals with the same systems of logical inquiry that we use to choose our car insurance, but that’s not really going to get us anywhere.

Working with magic requires that we shift our mode of thinking from the classifying, quantifying, “rational” mind, to the associative, erotic, “poetic” mind. With magic, we feel our way in. Our relationship to objects becomes a romance, rather than a business relationship.

Crystals can teach us to practice the Eros of the earthly realms.

If you want to find out more come to Magical Praxis: Crystal Kink. Monday the 27th of February, 7:30pm

Areas of Praxis Will Include:
• Crystals as elemental emissaries of the erotic earthly realm (think pentacles and coins)
• Grounding with crystals
• Sensing the qualities of a crystal
• How to receive the guidance of a crystal (is that even possible?)
• Clearing your crystals
• How to use crystals in rituals and healing

Click here to RSVP. Space is limited. $20.

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